Title: Blaine Anderson Versus the Worst Traffic in History

Rating: PG

Genre: mPreg, fluff, romance, !AU, EST Relationship, Future!fic

Word Count: 2.363

Characters: Kurt, Blaine, & Harry Anderson [a new baby], Burt and Carole Hummel [briefy mention], Finn and Rachel Berry-Hudson [brief mention]. 

Pairings: Blaine/Kurt (Klaine), Burt/Carole (Barole) [brief mention], Finn/Rachel (Finchel) [brief mention]

Beta: N/a

Warnings: There is a male giving birth in this story!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the cast & crew of Glee! I also don’t own Fox. I only have the rights to use words! (:

Summary: A baby with the worst timing ever decides to try and come into the world a week early on a day Blaine never wanted to work on in the first place. Blaine fights tooth and nail through the warpath of a New York City rush hour (and the screeching voice of an upset Rachel Berry) to see it happen and get his fingers crushed.

”Kurt is fully dilated and his emotions with you are as well. Where in the world are you, Blaine!? I thought the birth of your first child would be a lot more important to you than this! You should have been here the moment I called you and told you we had just arrived at the hospital!” Rachel’s voice was tinny and very, very loud as he cradled the phone between shoulder and ear. Usually Blaine hated to use his cell phone in any way when he was traveling through New York traffic. It was too distracting and he hated to do anything that put him in danger of being taken from Kurt. 

"I know, I know! Do you not think I’m trying!? I almost shut the car off and ran to the hospital but traffic started moving again.” Blaine had to bite back a curse when his phone slipped from his shoulder and fell in between the center console and his chair. “Rachel!” Blaine yelled. The girl on the other end of the line frowned, getting questioning stares from Burt and Carole. “Rachel I dropped my stupid phone and I really, really can’t get it right now!” She narrowed her eyes in focus as she tried to determine what Blaine was saying. “Tell Kurt I love him and that I WILL. BE. THERE.” 

After that there was nothing but the static sound of a car engine through a phone and the tap-tap-tap of plastic vibrating against plastic. “I think he dropped the phone,” Rachel said as she hung up. “That or he said he struck a bone.” She frowned and then shrugged. Even Rachel’s sonar like hearing couldn’t pick up the exactness of his words. “The only real thing I caught was the end when he said he loved Kurt and would be here.” She clicked her tongue against her teeth and shifted her pony tail from one shoulder to the other as she went to sit next to Kurt once more. 

The other half of the (now Anderson) family was dragging in shallow breaths, body giving hard shudders with every exhale. Rachel made another tutting sound and pushed his limp hair away from his forehead. “He’ll be here Kurt,” she whispered. For once she didn’t voice every little thing going through her mind like the ‘maybe’ that echoed in her own head after she made that statement. “He said he almost decided to abandon the car and run.” Rachel gave a little laugh that was more of a nudge for Kurt to do so and feel better.

Kurt didn’t laugh. 

"Get the Doctor?" He asked instead, as if he had not heard a single word she had just uttered. Rachel stood to do as he asked without question, but Burt was already leaning out of the door yelling for ‘help’. Carole, however, had walked over to the bed with an amused expression and pressed a finger into the call-button. A nurse showed up, rather than the Doctor Burt had been shouting for. The medical staff was used to people demanding Doctors in times of need.

"What did you need, honey?" She was a short lady with a blonde pony tail and a huge smile, eyes already sporting laugh-lines from all of her cheer. 

"I need a Doctor," Kurt spat at her viciously. "I feel like the Queen of England’s crown is trying to push it’s way out of me! Get. Him. Now!" Tears were starting to come to his eyes. They hadn’t been present throughout the whole ordeal of contractions and an opening birth canal. Everyone knew it was because the time had come, and Blaine wasn’t there to see him through it. Kurt was beginning to doubt he would be. 

The nurse was busy lifting away the privacy sheet that had laid over his spread legs. “Oh,” she whispered. “Okay. All right. Sweetheart- you’re already crowning. That baby is coming fast.” She held up her hands, telling them to wait before she went into the corridor. Finn was sitting there with wide eyes, really not interested in being present with a crazy Kurt who was going to push a whole child out of him.

"What’s goin’ on? Is he okay?" 

"We’re close, now." The nurse quipped the words out as she rushed over to a salt-and-pepper haired man and urged him into the room. Once he was in Rachel and Carole were removed so that Burt could remain. Only two visitors were allowed to be in the room with him. Males giving birth were handled a little bit differently than females giving birth. It was slightly more delicate, as the procedure was rare and often very dangerous. Rachel had only left because she was still holding up hope that Blaine would arrive in time, for his sake, and for Kurt’s. She squeezed Carole’s hand and looked down the hall towards the elevator station. 

"Come on, Blaine," she whispered urgently as the door to the room was closed by an assistant. Inside the room she heard the muffled urging of Doctor Williams telling Kurt to "push and breath.”  


Blaine Anderson had received the message while he was at work. He had not really wanted to go since they were a week away from the due date. Kurt had insisted though, saying that Blaine would have plenty of time to reach him once the time came for little Harry to come into the world. Of course that very day had been the one to bring on the labor, and right around rush hour. Blaine had the city to get through. In his car. With his phone constantly buzzing and nagging.

Needless to say he was very, very frustrated and haggard after his phone call with Rachel. His fingers tapped a steady beat on his sweat-covered steering wheel. Blaine had always had quite a bit of patience and could remain considerate through the worst of situations, but there were times when he couldn’t control his temper.

The potential of missing the birth of his very first child was one of those times. 

"Come ON! MOVE YOUR STUPID PRIUS!" Blaine had never imagined himself in a state of New York road rage. He thought that he could officially state he was a native of the city. "DON’T CHOOSE TODAY TO BE KIND AND LET THOSE PEOPLE CROSS. MOVE. THEIR LIGHT IS FREAKING RED. IT SAYS NO WALKING. COME ON, I HAVE A PREGNANT LOVER TO GET TO!" His hair was a puffy mess atop his head, the gel doing nothing against the constant assault of his anxious, pushing hands. 

Finally everything started to move and clear. The cars went remarkably faster than they had been. Blaine made a total ass out of himself, riding the bumper of the car in front of him and hoping a random speeder didn’t slam into somebody behind him and cause a pile up. The poor Prius driver wouldn’t stand a chance. 

When Blaine got to the hospital he jettisoned out of his Jetta, key still in the ignition and car door opened. When he heard a kind woman call after him he barely managed to get the words “…PREGNANT…BABY HERE…GOTTA SEE…” over his shoulder, radar effect taking over the further he ran. Luckily the woman understood entirely and took the time to remove the key and shut his door for him. Then she went into the desk where a frazzled looking woman was frantically dialing a number. 

"A man just ran in here. He said he was having a baby and seemed like he was in a real rush. These are his keys. He drives a black Volkswagen Jetta, and this is his license plate number." As she rattled off the number the secretary stopped pushing buttons and hung up the phone. She had just been calling on a man who had not stopped to check in despite her nattering. 

"Thank you, m’am. This was very kind of you. Can I have your name so I can let him know?" 

"Vivien. Just tell him I was the woman in the parking lot." 

"Yes m’am!" 


Blaine had never been so rude to people in his life, and he was sure he would feel guilty for it later when he wasn’t rushing so he didn’t miss the biggest event of his entire life. If he hadn’t already. He did not even see Finn, Rachel, and Carole when he reached the door. A hand pulled him to a halting stop that had him stumbling backwards.

"God DAMMIT! I need to get in there." 

A placating nurse had been the one to stop him, a smile on her face and green scrubs in her hands. “Put these on quickly and wash your hands. It’s for your partner and your child’s safety.” Blaine looked torn for a split second, eyes almost filling with tears in his frustration as he looked at her face and then the door. So close. So close. He yanked the plastic-covered scrubs from her hands and ran to a sanitization room. Once inside he tripped and almost fell several times as he worked the outfit on, leaving his stripped off clothes behind once his hands and forearms were washed. He ran by everyone again and slammed himself through the door, Kurt’s crying moans getting temporarily louder with the release of the door and muffling when it clicked shut behind Blaine.

"I’m here, I’m here, I’m here," Blaine panted out when Kurt’s eyes reached his, filled with tears of pain and relief. 

"Blaaaaaine," Kurt drew his name out in a groan as he pushed hard, both hands locked in a death grip around Burt’s. As soon as Blaine was at his side Kurt switched to squeezing the hell out of his fingers. "Never again, Anderson. Never. Again. Do you hear me!?" He dropped his head back in a pant, eyes squeezed shut and teeth baring down on his lip. 

"Breath sweetie. Yell at me later, breath now." Blaine started to make the breathing sounds they had learned in birthing classes. Despite the ridiculous sound and his skepticism that it would ever be a help for him to make them for Kurt, it worked. Kurt tried to breath. Blaine couldn’t help but stand on his tippy-toes, trying to peek over the sheet and Kurt’s legs. The Doctor briefly lifted his head and Blaine could tell he was smiling from behind the paper mask. 

"Come here, Daddy. Kurt, give us one more big push." Both men obeyed, Kurt gritting his teeth and heaving with all of his might, hands slipping to grip at the sheets as Blaine untangled himself and rubbed at the digits with a huge smile. A nurse pushed some sort of utensil into his hands while he looked on dazedly as a baby’s head appeared in the Doctor’s hands. The man had a grip that was both firm and gentle at the base of the baby’s neck and head, helping to ease the messy little boy the rest of the way out. 

"Ohhh, here he is," a nurse said softly. Once the baby was entirely free the room went tense for a few long minutes. Waiting as the Doctor pressed two fingers over his chest to feel for a heart. He didn’t even get a chance to pick up the beat before the little boy started to wail his lungs out. 

"Sounds just like his Papa," Burt piped up with a teasing grin at Kurt. The man on the bed just gave him a tired glare while Blaine tried to stifle a laugh. 

"Dad? Do you want to cut the cord?" Blaine looked down at the item he had paid no attention to earlier and grinned brightly. 



A few hours later everyone was gathered in a new hospital room meant for post-birth maternity. Blaine had his legs crossed Indian style, sitting between a sleepy Kurt’s knees and facing his propped up spouse. “I just can’t get over how he has your eyes,” Blaine murmured, enthralled. “I always wanted him too.” 

"All babies have that shade of eye color when they come into the world, Blaine," Kurt said with an amused exasperation. He was holding a bundle of purple against his chest, two fingers in the mouth of his wide-eyed child. 

"Still. I hope he keeps them. Although they do need to get a little more greeny." 

"I hope he has your curls." Harry had a darker shade of brown hair than Kurt. He had Blaine’s nose and the lips of Kurt’s mother. Kurt had already made a joke about him having Burt’s balding head but in truth he had the man’s wide face. "He’s so handsome," Kurt said through a yawn. "Definitely a keeper. Just like his Daddy." Another yawn slid out of Kurt’s mouth, his dark-ringed eyes trying to slip closed on him. He was struggling more and more to hold them open. 

"I think it’s time for both of you to go to bed," Blaine soothed as he eased the swaddled Harry from Kurt’s arms. "Say good night," Blaine cooed at Harry, waving his little hand at Kurt. The other male was already slumping to the side though, mouth open and body lax with exhausted sleep. Rachel came over to ease Kurt down onto his pillows while Burt tucked him in. 

Blaine, however, headed back to the room where they kept all of the new, sleeping babies. As he walked he sang "My heart stops, when you look at me. Just one touch, now baby I believe- this is real, let’s take a chance and don’t ever look back."

Don’t ever look back." Blaine sang the words and trailed off as he laid Harry Marc Anderson down in his crib, fingers rubbing gently at the soft, warm arm of he and his teenage dream’s little boy. For a moment he had never thought he would reach them in time. His heart soared with the fact that he had. 

Blaine Anderson had been present for the birth of their child, and it was the proudest moment of his entire life.

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