Dear Tumblr,

I have seen so many great things happen because of this site. A girl helped through a severe case of endometriosis, a pet chicken received from countless reblogs, social justice impacts made through shared petitions, and even a little boy helped with finding a home. Amongst all of the fandom wank and the arguments most people here just love to good for one another- even if they are complete strangers. 

However, I also know that a lot of things are joked about or used as some sort of ploy to get money. I want you to know that the following is not a scam. I know not all of you will believe me, and why should you? This is just a site full of strangers, after all. Anything could happen. What I can give you though- are my answers in my inbox. Real life information about myself, should you require it (though not really my address or anything). I’m sure the person involved would be more than willing to share things about herself as well.

The point really comes down to this: I spend every day dreading new information from a friend whom I know is in pain every day, who is scared, and who definitely does not deserve any of all the bad she has been given. She’s a wonderful, beautiful person. She spent years volunteering at an animal shelter, she’s helped me personally in remarkable ways, she’s helped others. She’s just. Really amazing and so many people are worried about her. I want to help her- even if it means fending off doubt and confrontations. I will do all I can to reassure you, so please don’t hesitate to talk to me more about this in my ask box or to send your doubts my way (should you have them), and you can go to this tag to see snippets of what she goes through and has been going through.

You can also talk to ofsteelambie70, and janekrahe if you need reassurance.

Tusofsky is my best friend and she has been for three years now. She is an amazing young woman who puts everyone before herself. She is always helping me, our friends, complete strangers, and animals. Even when somebody has hurt her or upset her the moment she finds out something has gone wrong in their life she sets all of that aside just to be there for them, even if all she can do is offer words or small gifts. When I was at a low point in my life she gave me a teddy bear, and to this day I still have that little guy sitting on my bed and he is one of the most important possessions I have, because somebody was thinking about me. Somebody cared- and she’s been there for so many others that just needed to know they were loved. 

Sara is 24 years old, and in the past year she has been through more turmoil physically and emotionally than anybody should ever have to. Especially someone with such an outstanding spirit. About a year ago she started to exhibit strange symptoms. Muscle spasms, quivering vision, cramps, extreme cases of vomiting that caused her throat to bleed, fainting spells, urniary tract infections, confusion, and bouts of pain that have made her sob and want to do nothing but sleep. In the past year she has seen a handful of regular Doctors, and even more specialists; none of which have been able to give her any diagnosis other than a low Vitamin D count and carpal tunnel in both hands. 

She has seen a nuerologist, rhuematologist, urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, orthopedist, gastro, gynocologist, and a few primary care providers. Even a psychologist because her parents thought she was just suffering a mental issue (who informed them that she was indeed very sick and did not need him). None of these Doctors have been able to give her a diagnosis. She could have anything ranging from Lyme Disease to Multiple Sclerosis. With all of these Doctors come a slew of tests. Needles in her hands, needles in her rectum, water pushed into her bladder, things that a person who is already in pain on a daily basis does not really want to go through. On top of all of this she feels constantly guilty that she is putting so much strain on her parents because she does not have enough money to pay for everything herself- and she can’t go to work. She lost her job because she couldn’t go for months. She can’t even get out of bed or take a shower without the urge to puke or without her leg or back flaring up with a pain that seems to burn her from the inside out.

The point of this fundraiser is to help Sara-Jane while she greets every day praying for an answer, greets every new Doctor without hope that they can give her one. Most of these Doctors are telling her that she needs to go to a clinic where they can keep her and monitor her, have several Doctors and students around to try and find out what it is that’s keeping her from living the life she wants to live. She can’t even really meet the boy she is interested in, there are days when she can’t draw (which she loves to do) or crochet (which helps take her mind off of it all). These clinics cost a lot of money, money the don’t exactly have. Money she certainly doesn’t have on her own. 

We all know that funds are hard to come by, but every cent, every dollar, every share or good comment can help. Whatever money is made (even if it doesn’t reach the goal, or exceeds that goal) will go to Sara-Jane to help her pay off hospital bills or just put food in her mouth. Anything that can take the strain off of her and help her at least sleep easier will make a huge difference. No matter what the donations will be going to a good cause, so please just donate fifty cents or at least share this fundraising page wherever you can. 

Even if all you can do is REBLOG please do so. I don’t care how many times you do. Once is enough if you’re afraid of your follower count or just don’t want to spam your blog. Just please at least share this link if it’s all you can do.


Also: I will be putting the tags of her main fandoms in this post, simply because she does contribute to these fandoms often, and I know it’s a good way to get the word out. She loves Glee, Pokemon, Supernatural, House MD, and Doctor Who. Please do not be upset, I’m just trying my hardest to help out one of the people that means the world to me.

I am sorry that there is no paypal available, for some reason it would not accept paypal when I put the information in. I’m not quite sure why- if anybody could help me out with that it would be a blessing.

EDIT: ofsteel has now added paypal!

TL;DR:My friend has been very sick for about a year now. She has seen several different doctors and so far nobody has really been able to help her. Doctors, of course, cost money. I want to take some of the stress off of her and her parents and I want to just help her and there are very limited ways I can do that. This is one of those ways. Every dollar counts, even if you can only donate one dollar. Every reblog counts. Just please help in any way that you can. I have a very limited amount of followers so I really need all of the help I can get. The more the word spreads, the more likely we can at least get a small sum of money donated.

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